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A Theory For Everything


Our Goal

We have A Theory For Everything.  That's not one unified theory of everything, but a lot of theories about a lot of topics.  We will post them here over time, along with commentaries on life, the world we live in, and whatever else suits our fancy.

There will be technical issues, tips and tricks for dealing with stuff that you might encounter, and other tidbits that we just think might be useful to someone because they were at one time (and maybe still) useful to us.

We hope you enjoy your time here, and we'll be very happy if we somehow provoke some thought, enrich your life, and/or make you smile.

Our People

The main person behind this site is Dave Wood.  Dave has been involved in the computer world since about 1983 when he began writing software on a TI/99/4A at the age of 9.  His coding skills have improved slightly since then.  Most of the time he uses a combination of PHP, MySQL, C/C++, and Objective-C to accomplish the task at hand.  His OS of choice is Mac OS X on the desktop, and Mac OS X and/or Linux on the server.  He uses Fusion on his MacBook Pro when he absolutely has to use Windows.

Dave has many other interests that may rear their heads on this site from time to time.  These include politics, science, graphic design, music, movies and even television.

He resides in Bradford, Ontario, Canada with his girlfriend Sabrina.

Our Site

This site runs on top of the powerful Joomla CMS with a variety of extensions.  The hosting is handled by WestHost.